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500 Popcorn Bags with Your Logo
500 Popcorn Bags with Your Logo
$475.00 + $5.00 S&H
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Why is it a business person wakes up in the morning after sleeping under an advertised blanket, on an advertised mattress, pulls off advertised pajamas, takes a bath in an advertised bathtub, shaves with an advertised razor, washes with advertised soap, dresses in advertised clothes, sits down to a cup of advertised coffee, reads the advertisements in the morning newspaper, writes with an advertised pen..but refuses to advertise, saying advertising doesn’t pay! Then when "business isn’t good enough"


Product Description (for the above product)

  • 500 Popcorn Bags with Your Logo
  • Popcorn: A full sized 3.5-oz. Bag of microwave popcorn, ready for the microwave. Bags are tri-folded and poly-wrapped.
  • Flavors: Please specify flavors on purchase order. (Limit 1 flavor per order). Butter Light (Used unless otherwise requested)
    Full Butter or Natural: Optional at no additional charge.
  • Shelf Life: One year if kept under 85 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Price includes: One color imprint in blue or red
  • Regularly Priced: $785

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